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Troy and Bec

These clients first came to me with tears in their eyes. It was so sad to hear the story of the events that had led to them finding themselves in financial distress. Some of it was out of their control but they could see how a couple of quick decisions and not getting advice from a broker, had suddenly led to a big problem.

They had a home loan, credit card and personal loan all running at very high interest rates and they were barely able to meet the minimum repayments.

It can happen to anyone, it really can. Especially when you get so busy, you don’t stop, take a step back and look at things properly. We are so pleased they sought some help. With a little bit of juggling we were able to help them refinance all their debt into one loan.

Before the refinance and debt consolidation they were facing repayments of $6,285 a month, and that wasn’t even paying down much of their principal debt. So much of that was just interest, especially on the credit card facilities.

After the refinance, repayments came down to $2,742 per month. That’s a saving of $42,516 per year! They were so relieved!

We all had tears in our eyes at the end. I still get text messages of love and relief months after settlement. This is one of our best success stories and one I’m so glad  I can share.

If you’re in need of a conversation about refinancing and debt consolidation, you’re on the right track. Make a time for a call soon so we can start your game plan.

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