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Rose and Luke

I have known this wonderful couple for almost 6 years now. When we first met they were working hard and focusing on buying their first home together. They were young and not really sure where to start.

After a long game plan was initiated, they were off. Many ducks had to be lined up & they did it! We ended up helping them build a beautiful new home.

Fast forward a few years and they’ve had a baby, become married, upgraded their car and secured a second property.

Along the way, there have been some challenges (especially COVID lockdowns), but we’ve always stayed on top and in front of the changes with their home loans.

Recently, both their investment property and owner-occupied home loans were due to come out of low fixed rate periods. They’d also decided to do a complete flip in lifestyle and move back to their country property and rent out their Melbourne property instead. After a big cleanup when their tenants moved out and a renovation, the property is stunning. Perfect for their little family!

We’ve now helped them with a total restructure of their home loans and switching their owner-occupied loan to an investment structure is going to save them over $10,000 a year! HUGE benefits here!

This is what we love doing. Helping clients long term to always feel in control and on the front foot with their finances, especially their home loans!

With us, you will never feel like another number or that you’ve been forgotten. You aren‘t just a transaction for us.

Behind the scenes, we are ALWAYS busy doing something every day to focus on our existing clients and their home loans. It may be running valuations, requesting interest rate reductions or many other little things that make our clients’ lives better

Long-term relationships are what we are all about here at EFS!

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