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Leigh and Kirstin

It’s been an absolute delight working with this wonderful couple as we helped them tidy up their finances. They first came to us wanting to refinance their home loan, but after we analysed their outgoings and other liabilities, it was clear a debt consolidation was their best option. They are feeling so much more in control of their monthly outgoings, especially with only one monthly repayment, rather than 7! It was almost impossible for them to keep up AND pay down the debt. They didn’t realise this until we broke down the numbers with them.

We refinanced them away from their home loan provider who no longer suited their needs. Even though they had been customers for over 5 years, their lender wasn’t lowering their interest rate in line with other banks.

Debt consolidation was also important for this couple as some of their credit cards had crept up with one ticking away at 15%, the other 22%. A car loan was also consolidated into the loan, saving them even more money as that interest rate was 10%. The credit card facilities had initially been 0% interest but they kept using them and unfortunately did not stay on top of paying down the debt after the interest started getting tacked on.

In total, we have a savings figure of $1,070 a month in repayments, which is an annual savings of $12,850 a year. Such a fabulous outcome!

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