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Elli and Luke

After researching their options thoroughly, a build became the perfect choice!

I’m so happy for the outcome I was able to help this couple achieve. We’ve worked together for over a year after initially meeting to discuss them buying an owner occupied home.

After first having a pre-approval in place to purchase an already established home, the clients became disheartened after they started to look at properties and realised how over priced some of the homes they were looking at were in the suburbs they liked. They were at a cross road…

That’s when they started to investigate the idea of building and soon they realised that maybe this could be a possibility. They were excited!

They found some land and looked at what they wanted to build, and that’s when we had the discussion about how we could make this happen. Essentially, we needed to re-structure their entire financial position.

Even with the mayhem and policy changes of COVID-19 which hit us right in the middle of our plans, we refinanced their investment property (including a nice cash refi rebate from their new lender!), consolidated a car loan and that’s when everything started to fall into place.

A few short weeks after their investment loan settled we had a formal approval for them to build their dream home! I’m so excited how everything has unfolded since that point.

Their gorgeous fur babies are running around happily, but best of all, they were able to move into their newly built home just before the birth of their beautiful daughter.

For assistance with your new home build, give Enlighten Financial Solutions a call!

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