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Rose and Luke

I have known this wonderful couple for almost 6 years now. When we first met they were working hard and focusing on buying their first home together. They were young and not really sure where to start. After a long game plan was initiated, they were off. Many ducks had to be lined up & […]

Bryanna and Chris

Bryanna and Chris were fantastic to work with and I loved the journey with them both from the very start! We were all excited that they had already found the house they wanted to buy before they came to us. We loved it even more when we actually helped them successfully buy it! Sam and […]

Troy and Bec

These clients first came to me with tears in their eyes. It was so sad to hear the story of the events that had led to them finding themselves in financial distress. Some of it was out of their control but they could see how a couple of quick decisions and not getting advice from […]

Leigh and Kirstin

It’s been an absolute delight working with this wonderful couple as we helped them tidy up their finances. They first came to us wanting to refinance their home loan, but after we analysed their outgoings and other liabilities, it was clear a debt consolidation was their best option. They are feeling so much more in […]

Alan and Natasha

These long term clients have been really great to work with. When we first met they were terribly disillusioned. They had spoken to 3 other mortgage brokers who had all told them they were unable to refinance, let alone buy an investment property. First thing we did was a deep dive into their facilities & […]

Kim and Adrian

Kim and Adrian were absolutely over the moon that they have been able to buy a new family home, something they have been trying to do for many years. Both of them are self-employed with different businesses so their application wasn’t particularly straight forward but it was definitely doable! Being in their 50’s, they were […]


Tash was fantastic to work with from day one. It was so important to her that she understood her options from the very start, so we made sure we covered off on everything. From A-Z she was prepared, and notes were taken! Talk about a quick learner! Nothing stopped her search for her first home. […]

Elli and Luke

After researching their options thoroughly, a build became the perfect choice! I’m so happy for the outcome I was able to help this couple achieve. We’ve worked together for over a year after initially meeting to discuss them buying an owner occupied home. After first having a pre-approval in place to purchase an already established […]

Daisy and Beau

Beau & Daisy

Beau and Daisy have been an absolute blast to work with from day one! I really respect how determined and engaged they were to get organised for pre-approval. They have certainly learnt a lot as they’ve navigated their way through the home buying process. These clients worked really hard to research what they wanted to […]


Sherry is officially our youngest client to ever secure her second property. Amazing for 24 years old! She is the perfect example of what hard work, determination and grit can help you achieve. Her first home is now an investment property with a tenant and recently we helped Sherry successfully secure her gorgeous new home! […]