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Bryanna and Chris

Bryanna and Chris were fantastic to work with and I loved the journey with them both from the very start! We were all excited that they had already found the house they wanted to buy before they came to us. We loved it even more when we actually helped them successfully buy it! Sam and I are so proud of how they attacked this purchase with their heart and soul and bought the perfect home for themselves and their new pup!

Being First Home Buyers, Chris and Bryanna were fresh, with a lot to learn but extremely motivated to understand everything. They learnt a lot in a very short period of time and I’m so impressed with how they handled everything so quickly. First phone call to purchasing their home took only two weeks!

They knew exactly what they wanted and had researched and looked at homes to buy, so when they found the house they wanted there was nothing stopping them! Congratulations again Bryanna and Chris. You are absolute super stars and we are all so happy this was such a smooth ride for you both.

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