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Beau and Rachelle

Beau and Rachelle

I have been working with Beau and Rachelle for well over 3 years now. When we first met, as they were First Home Buyers, we initially spent about 3 months getting everything in place so they were ready to go. 8 months after our first meeting they bought their home. The wait and the game plan we put in place was worth it as they were able to buy the perfect house, especially as it included a great back yard for their dog!

I was really proud of how hard this couple worked towards their goal and continue to focus on making great decisions for their future plans. We have even refinanced a car loan into a much better structure and secured and locked in a low 2 year fixed interest rate at just the right time which is saving them even more money.

Long term relationships with our clients are what we love nurturing and Beau and Rachelle are a great example of this. With another dog, rabbit and a beautiful baby boy added to their little family, It’s really wonderful to continue to support these clients as their lives evolve.

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