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Asset, Personal and Commercial Finance

Asset finance and how we can help you buy a car, ute, caravan, build a fence, business assets like trucks, machinery and much more!

We’ve always had the ability to help our clients buy cars and other assets but until recently, the access to lenders was minimal and the process to be honest, was cumbersome and long winded.

We now have a fabulous new system, in which similar to our home loan offerings, we have access to many lenders. A wide variety of lenders gives our clients so many more options depending on their needs, particular loan product requirements and flexibility of loan terms desired.
In the last 6 weeks we have helped clients achieve some amazing outcomes:
  • Asset finance achieved: buying cars, utes, motorbike, a caravan and a new camper trailer.
  • Our business owners have successfully bought: utes, trucks and upgraded an excavator
  • Some clients have needed personal loans: to consolidate debt, build a new fence, pay for private school fees and buy a horse float.
  • Currently we have in progress farming equipment: Tractors and agricultural machinery.
Asset and personal finance is important and sometimes, something that needs to be achieved quickly. Ideally, many people like to use the equity in their homes to finance their needs but sometimes another option is needed if this isn’t practical or available. That’s where our help comes in!
When buying a new car, many people make the mistake of financing their car through a dealership without exploring any other options first. The car yard make it seem so easy BUT, it may not be the best option for you. Investigation and research is important.
It doesn’t take us long to explain the process of pointing you in the right direction when it comes to asset, personal and commercial finance. This will ultimately help you find the right car loan or any other asset loan or personal loan you need.
There is a better way to get finance!
Rather than taking the first option offered to you, direct from the person trying to selling you the item, let us help you and have a look a the big pool of lenders we have access to.

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