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Ann and Steve

We’ve really enjoyed helping Ann and Steve achieve this amazing outcome.

A major restructure and consolidation of debt is saving them over $20,000 a year! What an amazing change in monthly outgoings they are going to notice and honestly, this will be setting them up for REAL financial freedom going into retirement!

After being with the same Big 4 bank all their lives they realised there must be better options for them. They felt like they weren’t really getting anywhere, plus they had never used the services of a mortgage broker before.

Ann and Steve never thought they’d be approved for a refinance at their age, being over 60, but yes it is possible and yes, we did it!

Thank you for taking a leap of faith and trusting us with this big step with your finances. We will always make sure your home loan is working for you and not against you so you never have to face the problems you did again!

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