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Alan and Natasha

These long term clients have been really great to work with. When we first met they were terribly disillusioned. They had spoken to 3 other mortgage brokers who had all told them they were unable to refinance, let alone buy an investment property.

First thing we did was a deep dive into their facilities & saw there was actually a lot they could do to open up their options.

Within 6 weeks we had them pre-approved to buy a new home with a loan $250,000 higher than they had previously been offered. No tricks, just strategic closure of accounts and some debt consolidation.

This extra loan amount meant they were able to move forward with buying a bigger family home for their growing children.

6 months down the track we have now helped these clients prepare to buy another investment property. This was something they never thought they would be able to achieve again so we are just as excited as they are!

Long term game plans and strategies do work. These clients have focused intensely to get to where they are today and we are so pleased that we have been able to help them every step of the way with their recent goals.

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